Call to action


Do Your Customers Know What To Do On Your Website? 

So many websites I see fail to do the easiest yet the most important thing…

Telling site prospects what actions they should to take.

What do you want your potential customers to do on your website?

Website_Call To Action.jpg

Do you want them to contact you?

Do you want them to download your lead magnet?

Do you want them to view your architectural house plans? 

I can't over emphasise the importance of a Call To Action. On your home page tell your customers what you want them to do. Doing so will help convert your website visitors into qualified leads.

Imagine it this way.

Suppose your visitor shows up but you're still in the middle of finishing an important task. You go to the door and you say, 

"Hey Mate, I'm just finishing up something, I'll be 10 minutes. But make yourself at home and help yourself to anything."

Chances are, your visitors not going to rummage through your fridge and pantry while waiting for you to finish. Likely they'll sit down and wait for you.

But...if you tell your visitor what to do...chances are they'll do it. 


"Hey Mate, I'm just finishing up something, I'll be 10 minutes. But...I've made these fresh out of the oven cookies. Help yourself to them and I'll be out really soon".

Chances are … they'll have a cookie.


Because you told them the specific action to take.

The same rule applies with your website. If you don't tell your site visitors what specific action to take, they most likely won't take it.

So...don’t make the mistake that thousands of builders make. Don’t leave your website visitors wondering want to do next.

Include your specific CALL-TO-ACTION on your website. 

Felicity Owen

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